Welcome to my new travel blog!

I arrived in Japan on July 24th, 2011.

Here’s a picture of the view from my hotel room during Tokyo Orientation:

It was cloudy that day, but sometimes you could see Mt. Fuji from the hotel room!

After 3 nights and 2.5 days in the hotel, learning amazing stuffs about being an ALT and living in Japan, we were bussed off again, this time to the capital city of our new prefecture, Maebashi, Gunma!

In Maebashi we met our new supervisor at our contracting organization (i.e. the BOSS). Luckily, my boss is super cool and nice, and speaks English! Then we had to say goodbye to all our new friends as they were swept away to their new homes all over Gunma. My home just happens to be in the capital city, Maebashi, so no more traveling for me.

That same day, I signed up for my Alien Registration Card, got a bank account, and met my predecessor. She was very nice and accommodating the first week I was there when we shared the apartment.

Time just sort of flew by for a while, as I was meeting new people, exploring Maebashi, eating Japanese food, and getting new things for the apartment.

Just last week I had my first day of work, after I was formally introduced to my schools. I have three schools: One junior high and two elementary schools. My base school is the junior high. It’s only a 15 minute bike ride from my house, depending on traffic.

Right now, school isn’t in session for kids at my junior high, but that doesn’t mean that the school is deserted! Every day kids come to school to practice soccer, band, soft tennis, basketball, and volleyball. It also doesn’t hurt that school is right by the city pool, so when practice is over the kids can cool off.

This time of year the weather is very hot with a lot of humidity… hey that sounds like Illinois! It’s pretty much the same. I’ve even heard that Gunma might by the hottest prefecture in the country.

For now, I’m off to ride my bike all over Maebashi. I’ll write more later about my adventures using the train, going to a summer festival, and anything else that happened over the weekend. Please leave me some feedback!