Sorry for the late post. This one is way overdue!

So about two weeks ago all of the new ALTs in Gunma Prefecture converged on the Kencho Building for two days to learn all they could about what it was to be an Assistant Language Teacher.

Day One, we heard presentations about our contract, insurance, and other important things. But most interestingly, we were vistited by Gunma-chan, the mascot of Gunma!


Gunma-chan is a pony by the way. He was so cute! Lol.

Then day two we heard some more presentations, like what working in a Junior High School will be like, communicating with our Japanese Teacher of English, and we even practiced games that we can play with the kids! Then we split up into groups to practice Japanese. I went to the Intermediate group and we learned about different strategies to study. Then the whole room played rock, paper, scissors (janken) until I was the supreme ultimate winner! I got a huge manga called “Nana” that probably some of you have heard of, read, or even seen the movie of. I can’t wait to read it! Good Japanese practice.

Then we had culture workshops. I chose to go to Koto, Karate, and Shodo. This was probably the best part of the orientation!

Koto was so amazing. The front part of the room filled up with koto players and they played 3 songs for us. So beautiful!


Then, the players taught us how to play a simple song, and the ALTs put on a concert!


I played in the concert. It was fun, and I wouldn’t mind trying it again.

Next, I went to the karate section. Let me tell you, the karate sensei was amazing.


Then, I went to Shodo, which is calligraphy. I got to draw my name in katakana with a brush and ink. Fun!

Finally, the orientation had to end. But I met lots of great people, went to karaoke, and learned a lot about teaching and living in Japan. A good two days!

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Thanks for reading!